Welcome to Cotton Candy Cowgirls

Sugars by Spinn Candy

Cotton Candy. The very name sparks joy, carnival atmospheres and celebrations and moments when the simplest of pleasures meant everything.  Then you grew up.

And Cotton Candy is something you never stopped loving, but the flavors?

Cotton Candy Cowgirls has put their spin on this ethereal treat.  Flavors to make your inner child and sophisticated adult palate merge for a taste sensation you will delight in once again.  Whether savory, sweet, or infused with the flavors of wine or boozy spirits, Cotton Candy Cowgirls' beautifully packaged spun sugar treats are all hand-crafted, GMO-free, natural, gluten-free flavored treats all made without any preservatives or artificial coloring.

Please let Cotton Candy Cowgirls bring the fun to you! We will tailor the freshly spun treat to your themed event and fulfill special orders on-site for weddings, birthdays, showers and any and all sorts of fun gatherings.

What we do

Cotton Candy Cowgirls specializes in gourmet cotton candy for all types of Party Favors and Spinning for special parties and events

Custom Party Favors

Specializing in custom Party Favors available in any of our 50 flavors for all types of parties and events. Weddings, Graduations, Bridal Showers. Fundraisers, Sweet 16's and more.

Event Spinning
Treat your guests to our gourmet cotton candy handspun at your party or event. You can choose from any of our 50 traditional and unique flavors. Favorite for brides is our Pink Champagne.
Fifty Flavors
Only the Cotton Candy Cowgirls offers such a wide range of fifty flavors,all spun from handcrafted from 100% pure organic sugar. Our cotton candy is super soft and fluffy with great 'spot on' flavor. New to our menu of unique flavors are 5 custom made Texas flavors. Hot Chili, Jalapeno, Bourbon, Pickle, and Red Licrious.